Our creations

We encourage you to follow us via Facebook where we regularly publish photos of our production, including several creations.

Here are some examples:

Window boxes

Ornements de jardin
flower box

Pots and planters – special orders

Ornements de jardin

Baskets (16) – Municipality of Chelsea

baskets for the municipality of Chelsea

Raised garden box 72″ x 24″

Ornements de jardin

Raised garden box 24″ x 24″

raised garden box 24″ x 24″

Potting table with storage

Ornements de jardin

Three-layers flower boxes

three-layers flower boxes

At Bourgeon Greenhouses, we are proud to make specific orders every year for returning customers (having started with former owner Lorie Nesbitt who operated the McKenna Greenhouses). Here are some examples:

Baskets (88) – Municipality of La Pêche 

Ornements de jardin
baskets for the Municipality of La Pêche

Hanging baskets (55) – customer from Ottawa 

Ornements de jardin

Pots of petunias (22) – cottage of a client from La Pêche


Baskets (16) – Springfield Mews Town houses

Ornements de jardin