We produce more than 300 varieties of annual flowers in our greenhouses from seedlings or cuttings. They are sold in different formats (flats, and 4 ”, 5.5 ”, 7 ”, 1 and 2 gallon pots) or in hanging baskets, window boxes and planters of different sizes.

We also offer about twenty varieties of geraniums in 7 ” pots as well as several hundred hanging baskets, more than half of which are entirely created from our annual production. In addition, we produce hanging baskets for the Municipality of La Pêche and the Municipality of Chelsea, as well as for several local businesses (see section About us / Corporate clients).

Several novelties including: Begonia Rieger ‘Valentino Pink’, tuberosa ‘Canary Wings, Coleus’ Wildfire Blaze’, Double Impatient ‘Elegant Red’, Geranium Double ‘Supermoon Red’, Gomphrena ‘Truffla Pink’, Lantana trailing ‘Lavender’, Flower Power ‘Spider Pink’ Osteospermum, Petunia ‘Jolly Wine & Cheese’, Rudbeckia ‘Capuccino’ Supertunia ‘Sangria Charm’, Succulents (individual cuttings or arrangements), Sunflower Vincent’s Choice Dark Eye.